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DCADV Awards

Every year, DCADV recognizes community members who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to serving victims and survivors and working to prevent and end domestic violence in Delaware. Recipients of DCADV's Vision of Peace and Spirit of Advocacy Awards are honored each year at our Purple Ribbon Event in October. In addition to these awards, this year, DCADV is proud to launch our new Corporate Citizenship Award recognizing Delaware businesses commited to preventing or ending domestic violence or supporting victims and survivors.

Vision of Peace Award

The Vision of Peace Award is presented by DCADV to individuals who have demonstrated leadership and sustained commitment in their efforts to end domestic violence. Awardees are recognized for their significant contributions in the areas of policy, services, or social change advocacy that have led to enhanced safety for victims/survivors of domestic violence and increased offender accountability. These contributions may include changes in laws or policies, increased resources and support for domestic violence services, program innovations, greater public awareness, or efforts toward primary prevention and social change.

Past Honorees:

    •  Dr. Vicky Kelly, Dept. of Services for Children, Youth and their Families 2015

  • Paulette Sullivan Moore, Vice President of Public Policy, NNEDV - 2013
  • U.S. Senator Chris Coons - 2012
  • Jessica Schiffman, Associate Director of Women's Studies, UD - 2011
  • Governor Jack Markell - 2010
  • State Senator Liane Sorenson - 2009
  • William Allan - President, Verizon Delaware - 2008
  • State Senator Patricia Blevins - 2007
  • Christine Baron - Tri State Region President, Verizon Wireless - 2004
  • Senator Joseph Biden - 2000

Spirit of Advocacy Award

The Spirit of Advocacy Award is presented by DCADV to advocates whose work with and on behalf of victims of domestic violence is infused with the core principles of empowerment advocacy. These principles include a deep sense of empathy for those who are abused, a willingness to challenge existing systems, a belief in the strength and enduring capacity of the human spirit, and a commitment to social change at both the individual and societal level. Advocates are the "voice" for those who can not always speak for themselves. This award honors those voices.

Past Honorees:

   •   Mone't Jackson - 2015

   •   Juan Rodriguez - 2013

  • Stephanie Hamilton - 2012
  • Mona Bayard - 2011
  • Geri Lewis-Loper - 2010
  • Maria Picazo - 2009

Awardee Nomination and Selection Process

Recipients of the Vision of Peace and Spirit of Advocacy awards are nominated by members of DCADV's Board, committees, and task forces. Nominations for the new Corporate Citizenship Award are open to the general public. Award recipients are selected from among the nominees by DCADV's Communications & Development Committee and recognized at DCADV's Purple Ribbon Event